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VetSpotting - Pet Care, Your Way

VetSpotting is a Chicago company whose mission is to bring back the convenience of affordable house calls for pets – because sometimes, traveling to see your veterinarian and waiting in uncomfortable settings while you’re sick just won’t do.

Now seeing a veterinarian does not have to mean rearranging your life or putting your pet through a stressful experience. VetSpotting is a convenient, free app that sits on your phone. If your pet needs care, bring up the app and wait comfortably at home for a veterinarian to come to you. It’s that simple. All veterinarians are licensed and experienced in providing home care.

Pet Guardians

VetSpotting puts pet guardians in touch with qualified veterinarians to help their pets receive medical attention in the comfort of their own home.

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VetSpotting provides you with a source of patients with no cost or commitment. Download an app, receive house call requests, and express interest only in those that make sense to you.

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